Close-up Photography Playground! With Your Smartphone!

Registration opens Saturday, January 5, and will sell out quickly!

Outer Banks folks! Let your imagination run free! Have fun with easy, close-up photography in this hands-on class! You don’t need a fancy camera—in fact, you don’t even need a camera! We’re going to work only with smartphones. Download the free Snapseed app to your smartphone, charge it up fully, and bring it to class. Add a little kindergarten creativity. It’s all you’ll need!  

OBX professional photographers Eve Turek and Dan Beauvais will share ideas for this fun, take-anywhere style of photography.  After a brief introduction, you’ll play with all sorts of found objects like buttons, feathers, Slinkies, tiny shells, pipe cleaners, watch parts, colored pencils, leaves, and even a cheese grater! You’ll make images with your phone, and embellish them with Snapseed. It’s child’s play, for grown-ups! Come have a fun evening in the Close-up Photography Playground with Dan and Eve!  

Workshop: Tuesday, February 26, from 7-9pm, All Saints Episcopal Church, Southern Shores, NC 

Registration: Opens Saturday, January 5. Open to all, but limited to 8 participants! CLASS 1055 – CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY. Part of the After Dark at All Saints winter evening classes. Must pre-register with All Saints church. Everything you need is here.

Cost: $23 per adult, $12 for participants under 18. All the net proceeds from this program will be used by All Saints Church to give back to the community through their outreach programs. Eve and I volunteer our time and resources to this fine program, without remuneration.

Click on any image below for more info about it.

Colored pencils, up close.
Close-up of a bowl of silver Christmas ornaments.
Grandma’s button collection, up close.
The inner workings of an antique Hayden Wheeler Watch Company pocket watch.
Abstract colors, made by twisting strands of shiny plastic beads into a helix, then photographing them at very close range and deliberately well out of focus. The reflection off each bead became an orb of color.
Christmas! Silver bells on a glittery red and white patterned ribbon.
A stylized study of a collection of watch gears.